Growing up in Western Marin County, California, Tauni had the luxury of being surrounded by the incredible natural landscape, as well as many talented gardeners.  This became the foundation for her love of gardens and design.  In 1998, while working towards receiving her Certificate in Garden Design from UC Berkeley Extension, Tauni launched into her career as a Landscape Designer.

Tauni designs custom gardens for the individual needs and desires of her clients.  Her goal is to tie together the lifestyle of her client, the architecture of the home and the surrounding natural environment.  We are fortunate to live in an area where we are able to enjoy our gardens in all four of the seasons and she designs spaces that take advantage of this.  Focusing on sustainability and longevity, Tauni uses plants that thrive in our Mediterranean climate.  She loves to design gardens that not only draw people outside, but invite the birds, bees and butterflies into the garden. 

Tauni says her greatest pleasure is when a client says, “This is exactly what I had envisioned!”